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Order of Bloom in our garden - 2006: Stewartias bloom as summer arrives...
June 13, Magnolia Grandiflora "Bracken's Brown Beauty". Common Name: Southern Magnolia. Slow growing tree that puts up a magnificent show during June and July. Beautiful and fragrant flowers. Our tree is at least 7 years old. Slow growing. June 13 - Tree; June 14 - Flower;
June 15, Stewartia Sinensis. Common Name: Chinese Stewartia. This is the first of our Stewartias to bloom. This tree was transplated to this shadier location due to leafburn at its prior sunnier location in the front. Tree looks happy and it bloomed without missing a beat. June 15 - Tree;
June 15, Stewartia Monadelpha. Common Name: Tall Stewartia. This is the most floriferous among our Stewartias. This tree is very happy (Barbara's expression) beside the large Colorado Spruce, where it gets a short period of afternoon shade. Smallest flower among stewartias; yet, the tree produces so many flowers during June. June 15-Tree; June 25
June 17, Stewartia Pseudocamellia. Common Name: Japanese Stewartia. This has the most beautiful flower among our Stewartias. We'll have to wait for a few years till our native Silky Stewartia blooms to see if it actually wins the beauty contest. Deer browses the new growth on the lower limbs. June 17-Tree; June 23;
June 17, Hypericum Perforatum. Common Name: St John's Wort. Beautiful yellow flowers. First time bloom in our garden. June 17;
June 25, Phlox "David". Phlox 'David' is an offspring of native Phlox paniculata plants. Reliable bloomer throughout summer. July 6;

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