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Order of Bloom in our garden - 2006: Buckeyes in bloom ...
April 29, Wisteria Sinensis Common name: Wisteria. Tough, invasive, and beautiful in bloom. Our vine was transplanted from Staten Island circa 1995. April 29
April 29, Polygonatum Biflorum Common name: Solomon's Seal. Beautiful native plant from the Lily family.
May 2, Lonicera Sempervirens Common name: Honeysuckle. Native honeysuckle. May 3; May 13; May 20
May 3, Syringa Persica "Tinkerbell" Common name: Persian Lilac. Pink-flowering variety of persian lilac... bloomed a week after the common species. May 3
May 3, Cornus x 'Rutgan' Common name: Stellar Pink Dogwood. Pink-flowering hybid (c. florida x c kousa) from the Rutgers "stellar" series of hybrids. May 3; May 14; May 20
May 6, Halesia Diptera "Magniflora" Common name: Two-winged Silverbell. We planted this tree last fall. The tree is full of buds. The beautiful white flowers are starting to open. This native from southeast US is rare in this part of the country. May 6; May 10; May 13; May 14; May 20
May 6, Viburnum Plicatum Tomentosum "Shasta" Common name: Shasta Doublefile Viburnum. One of my favourite spring-flowering shrubs. Unfortunately, deer like this too. May 6; May 10
May 7, Aesculus x carnea "Briotti" Common name: Briotti Red Buckeye. We have two varieties of this wonderful flowering tree. Briotti was hybridized in Europe - cross between Aesculus pavia and Aesculus hipposcastanum. Deer browse the lower leaves, despite the tree's reputation as being poisonous. May 10; May 13; Tree-May 14; Flower-May 20;
May 7, Aesculus x carnea "Fort McNair" Common name: Fort McNair Red Buckeye. This variety was selected on the grounds of Ft. McNair, Washington, DC. for its rose-red flowers. We purchased this limbed-up tree (makes it somewhat deer-proof) last fall from Princeton Nurseries. Waiting for the flowers to fully develop in order to see the difference between the two varieties. May 10; Flower-May 13; Tree-May 14; Flower-May 20; Tree-May 20
May 10, Iris Transplanted from Staten Island circa 1993. Reliable bloomer. May 10; May 13
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