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Order of Bloom in our garden - 2006: Flowering Dogwoods, ...
April 22, Cornus Florida Common name: Flowering Dogwood. Perhaps the most beautiful flowering tree in North America. Our two best specimens survived the construction during fall and winter of 2005 and they will soon become the centerpiece of our new patio. Opening bracts of white variety; April 23; White-Closeup; Pink-April 29; Pink-April 29; Neighbor's-April 29; White-April 29; White-April 29; From our kitchen window-May 6;
April 22, Prunus Serrulata "Kwanzan" Common name: Kwanzan Cherry. This is the key attraction at the annual Cherry Blossom Festival in Washington, DC. Ours was purchased from Princeton Nurseries and planted during late fall of 2005. April 23 April 24
April 22, Malus Domestica Common name: Apple Tree. This tree is at the edge of our neighbor's property. It looks wonderful in bloom during late April and early May. Fruits are consumed mostly by birds and squirrels. April 26
April 23, Enkianthus Perulatus Common name: White Enkianthus. Shrub with urn-shaped flowers during spring and great fall foliage. Struggling agianst deer.
April 24, Halesia monticola 'Rosea' Common name: Halesia. This Carolina native is a great flowering tree. Ours is no more than 3 years old. April 24; April 26; Close-up; April 29 April 29
April 24, Xanthoceras sorbifolium Common name: Yellowhorn. Wonderful Chinese native. Rare. April 26; April 29
April 28, Azelia Indica Common name: Azelia. We have several varieties of this wonderful flowring shrub. We haven't yet determined the names of varieties and cultivars. Listed in order of blooming. April 29; April 29; April 29; White-May 6; Red-May 6; Pink-May 20
April 28, Syringa Vulgaris Common name: Common Lilac. There is a long hedge of Lilac at the edge of neighbor's property. They are magnificent in bloom. April 28
April 29, Aronia Melanocarpa Common name: Black Chokeberry. This Jersey native is a favorite of deer.
April 29, Convallaria Magnalis Common name: Lily of the Valley. Beautiful and trouble-free perennial... deer don't bother them... Everybody ought to know... and tell!.
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