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Order of Bloom in our garden - 2006: Magnolias, etc.
March 30, Magnolia Stellata "Centennial". Common name: Centennial Star Magnolia. Named to honor the 100th anniversary of Arnold Arboretum, this cultivar is usually the first Magnolia to flower in our garden. It is a tiny tree and it has so many buds. March 30; March 31; March 31;
March 30, Magnolia Loebenari "Leonard Messel". Common name: Loebner Magnolia. The Leonard Messel Magnolia is full of buds this year. March 30; March 31; Peak-April 1; Peak-April 2 April 9
April 1, Magnolia Loebenari "Spring Snow". Common name: Loebner Magnolia. It was a summer-like day and the Spring Snow Magnolia opened its first flower... just 2 days after Leonard Messel bloomed. April 9 April 9
April 1, Prunus Cerasifera "Krauter Vesuvius". Common name: Flowering Plum. The summer-like weather today caused the flowering Plum to open a few of its delicate pink blooms. Flower-closeup; Peak-April 9 April 9
April 4, Pyrus Calleryana "Chanticleer". Common name: Flowering Paer. Perhaps the most popular flowering tree currently in the Northeast. When planted in a row (e.g., along Phalanx) the effect is awesome. Familiarity breeds contempt, however. Flower-closeup; April 13
April 9, Magnolia Soulangiana "Verbanica". Common name: Saucer Magnolia. Its popularity in the Northeast is well deserved given the beauty of its flowers. Ours, planted just last year, will be awesome in a few years. Full view April 9
April 9, Magnolia x Ann. Common name: Magnolia Ann. Best flower color among the "little girl" hybrids produced by the US National Arboretum. Its parents are Lily Magnolia and Star Magnolia. Apr 9 Apr 15
April 9, Magnolia "Butterflies". Common name: Magnolia Butterflies. Popular yellow magnolia is about to bloom. Apr 13 Apr 15
April 9, Rhododendron 'P.J.M.'. Common name: PJM Rhododendron. Early blooming Rhododendron. Deer damage these wonderful plants. Apr 17
April 9, Muscari Armeniacum. Common name: Grape Hyacinth. Deep cobalt blue clusters of fragrant bell-shaped flowers. Apr 23
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