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Order of Bloom in our garden - 2006: Early Bloomers
March 1, Hellebores. Common name: Lenten Rose. First to bloom, our Hellebores clump was planted about nine years ago. March 1; March 10; March 11; March 11
March 9, Crocus. Common name: Yellow Crocus. Must be the end of winter since crocuses started blooming as the temperature climbed into the 50s. March 9; March 10; March 11 March 18
March 11, Crocus. Common name: Purple Crocus. The purple crocuses bloomed just 2 days after the yellow ones came out as the temperature climbed into the 60s. March 18;
March 15, Narcissus Pseudonarcissus. Common name: Daffodils. ... fluttering and dancing in the breeze. Prolonged cool spring enabled a long blooming season this year for the daffs. March 18; March 25; April 13
March 18, Crocus. Common name: White Crocus. This is the last of the crocuses that bloomed. Temperature is only in the 40s and therefore, the flower is not fully open. March 18;
March 21, Vinca Minor. Common name: Creeping Myrtle. Nice evergreen ground cover with small, yet attractive blue-purple spring flowers. April 20 Groundcover
March 25, Acer Rubrum. Common name: Red Maple. Its name is derived from the small yet attractive red flowers (and stems). We have to wait till fall for the real spectacle of these great native trees.
March 25, Forsythia. Common name: Forsythia. It is supposed to be the sure sign of spring. Forsythia is just starting to bloom even though temperature is still only in the 40s. March 30; March 31; April2, Neighbor's April 9;
March 30, Hyacinthus Orientalis. Common name: Hyacinth. Finally in the 60s and everything is starting to bloom. March 30; March 31 Purple Pink White
March 30, Pieris Orientalis. Common name: Andromeda. We were expecting Andromeda to bloom a week ago. It is slower than normal this year. March 30; April 9; April 9; April 23
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