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Order of Bloom in our garden - 2006: Amazing Rhododendrons ...
May 10, Pink Rhododendron We have several pink-flowering Rhododendrons. Listed in sequence of blooming. May 13; May 20; Purple-pink-May 20; May 24;
May 10, Rhododendron Yakushimamum. We bought this Yaku hybrid from Rare Find Nursery in 2004. This is the first flower. May 13
May 13, Styrax Obassia Need to stand under this tree in order to really appreciate the beauty and fragrance of the flowers. Planted as a young tree in 2001. Flowered for the first time last year. May 13
May 13, Cornus Kousa. Common Name: Kousa (or Chinese) dogwood. Chinese dogwoods are starting to bloom now that the natives have just about finished blooming. We have several of these great plants; most of ours are seedlings from the tree that we cut down when we added on to the family room. We have one named variety as well. May 13; May 20; May 29;
May 13, Cornus x ‘KN30-8’ Venus. Common Name: Venus Dogwood. Venus is an advanced generation interspecific hybrid of Cornus kousa and C. nuttallii. Hybridized by Dr. Elwin Orton at Rutgers' Cook College, Venus is one of the end products of a program that began in May, 1973. Planted this spring, it is among our newest acquisitions. We got this from Pleasant Run Nursery. May 14; Tree-May 14; Tree-May 14; May 20; May 27
May 13, Geranium. Yes, the real Geranium! The annuals that are popularly called Geraniums really aren't Geraniums; their real name is Pelargonium. May 14; May 30
May 19, Iris Siberica. Common Name: Siberian Iris. May 20
May 20, Spirea Nipponica "Snowmound". Common Name: Japanese Spirea. We got this from Rare Find about two years ago and it's starting to strutt its stuff. Closeup-May 19
May 20, Baptisia australis. Common Name: False Indigo or Baptista. Barbara first planted ours more than 10 years ago. Closeup-May 19; May 24; May 24;
May 20, Rhododendron "Marydel". Common Name: Native Azalia. Wonderfully fragrant native. May 24; May 24; May 27
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