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Order of Bloom in our garden - 2006: End of spring...
May 20, Styrax Japonicum "Pink Chimes". We planted this about 5 years ago. This beauty is just starting to bloom. It will reach its peak in a few days. May 28; May 29; May 30
May 20, Chionanthus Virgicus. Common Name: Fringe Tree. Another great native tree... and relatively uncommon in gardens around here. We got this from Princeton in 2004. May 20; May 24; May 27;
May 20, Asimina triloba. Common Name: Paw Paw. Native fruit tree has flowers with unusual color. We need to plant a companion tree to help pollinate.
May 23, Prunus Serotina. Common Name: Black Cherry. Large and magnificent native tree. We have an excellent specimen in our backyard. Not very showy. Its main attributes are the graceful branching habit and large size. May 23-Tree;
May 27, Cladrastis Kentukea. Common Name: Yellowwood. Native flowering tree. Very beautiful.... definitely one of the best. We have three young trees. One of them flowered profusely two years ago and we are waiting for a repeat performance. One of our trees is a variety called "Sweetshade" from Princeton. May 27-flower closeup; May 28; May 28;
May 27, Nepeta x Frassenii. Common Name: Catmint. Good edging plant; easy to divide; troublefree; and most of all deer don't touch it. May 28; May 30;
May 29, Pterostyrax Hispidia. Common Name: Epaulette Tree. This tree was planted as a young sapling four years ago. Epaulette tree is rare in commerce. We got ours in Tripple Oak Nursery. Our tree is flowering for the first time. May 29; Closeup-May 29; May 30;
May 30, Papaver pseudo-orientale. Common Name: Oriental Poppy. Wonderfull bloomer... so colorful. May 31; May 31;
May 30, Paeonia. Common Name: Paeony. Wonderfull bloomer... so colorful. May 30;
May 30, Philadelphus Coronarius. Common Name: Mock Orange. Wonderfull bloomer when other spring blooms are almost over and summer is around the corner. May 30;
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