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Order of Bloom in our garden - 2006: Early-flowering Cherries, Red Buds, ...
April 9, Pachysandra terminalis Common name: Pachysandra. Evergreen groundcover with flowers as bonus.
April 13, Magnolia "Elizabeth" Common Name: Elizabeth Magnolia. One of the early yellow Magnolia hybrids, developed by Brooklyn Botanic Garden. Cream rather than yellow, really. Flower Closeup
April 13, Prunus Sargentii Common Name: Sargent Cherry. One of the larger flowering cherry trees. Natural habitat is northern Japan. Ours was planted three years ago.
April 15, Prunus Subhirtella "Pendula" Common Name: Weeping Japanese Cherry. Magnificent in bloom and hence very popular. Flower Closeup; April 20
April 15, Cercis Chinensis Common Name: Chinese Redbud. Chinese cousin of our Redbud. Flowers earlier than native variety. Flower Closeup; April 16
April 15, Malus Hupehensis "Strawberry Parfait" Common Name: Tea Crab Apple. This is actually a red/pink-flower hybrid of Tea Crab Apple from Princeton Nurseries. The straight species has white flowers. Flower Closeup; April 16; April 20
April 16, Cercis Chinensis "Don Egolf" Common Name: Don Egolf Chinese Red Bud. An amazing hybrid from the US National Arboretum. We planted this tiny tree just a year ago. The buds remind me of the Malayalam saying "Venelum Chakka Verelum Kaykum" (tr. If desired, jack fruit can grow from the root (of the tree) too). April 17; Closeup; April 20; April 22 April 24
April 17, Viburnum x juddi Common Name: Juddi Viburnum. Loaded with flower buds a week ago, we were awaiting its fragrance to fill our yard. Just discovered that the deer love the buds. Fortunately, they spared a few. April 20
April 20, Cercis Canadensis "Forest Pansey" Common Name: Forest Pansey Red Bud. Beautiful tree. Great flowers and best red foliage. April 23; April 24; Leaves
April 20, Magnolia "Golden Endeavour" Common Name: Golden Endeavour Magnolia. Yellow Magnolia. Later flowering than Butterflies and less well known. Had nice yellow blooms last year. April 22
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