We found the microfilm version of this hand-written certificate confirming the promotion of Beriah Wheeler to the rank of Sergeant. Beriah joined the revolutionary Navy at age 18 and was promoted at age 23. Transcribed by John & Barbara Wheeler Medamana. Spelling, capitalization and punctuation are rendered exactly as in the document. Bracketed words are uncertain.

Edward Shipman Esq. Major Command of the first Battalion raised by the State of Connecticut

To Beriah Wheeler Greeting. I Reposing Especial Trust and Confidence in your Patriotism, Valour, Conduct and Fidelity do by the Power Vested in me Constitute and Appoint you to be a Sergeant in the Regiment under my Command you are therefore Carefully and Diligently to Discharge the Duty of a Sergeant by Doing and Performing all manner of things Thereunto belonging and I do Strictly Charge and Require all under your Command to be Obedient to your Orders as a Sergeant and you are to Observe and Follow [xxx xxx] Directions from time to time As you Shall receive from me Or any other your Superior Officer According to the Rules and Discipline of War And this is Your Sufficient Warrant.

Appointed September 22nd Day 1781

Given under my Hand this 31st of October AD 1781. And in the Fifth Year of the Independence of the United States of America.

Edward Shipman (signature)