This letter was written by Beriah Wheeler (residing at Jamaica, Vermont) to Lyman Wheeler, who was residing in Hannibal, NY with his brother Henry in 1833. - Transcribed by Barbara and John Medamana. Words that are uncertain were replaced by xxxx.




December 26th 1833


Dear son,


I received your kind and welcome letter by Mr. Livermore and was very glad to hear from you; to hear you prosper and are doing well.  In my former letters I wrote to instruct you how to conduct to be successful in the world to gain the goodwill and esteem of your fellow creatures among whom you may live.  These things are good.  But I feel it my duty in this letter to bring into your view things of greater importance. We are creatures that have begun an xxx that will last for ever.  All mankind are by nature in a state of sin and condemnation.  They are xxxx from the womb. The imagination of the man's heart is evil from his youth by the apostasy their first parent's sin and the curse on the xxx of all their natural xxxx from generation to generation so that by their offence all their offspring came into the world with a corrupt nature and under the wrath of God.  Notwithstanding the native corruption of the human heart and the lost condition of all mankind by nature God has provided a full and complete atonement for all their sins. The atonement was made for all men as xxx.  God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son that whosoever believeth in him might not perish but have eternal life.  God commands us to love him with all our hearts and to give his our hearts; a most reasonable requirement and our most immediate duty that we may xxx with xxx xxx and xxx God favour xxx in the xxx of your affectionate father.


I would inform you that my health is as well as can be expected at my advanced age.  Our friends here are all well.  Warren has got into such circumstances that he has given up the farm to me.  He could not let me have thing that he promised to let me have.  I would inform you that Nathaniel Mellen's house was burnt 30 of November last.  They got out most of the things in the lower rooms.  But his loss is great.  I would inform you I have obtained a certificate to draw a little over $100 a year.  I intended to come to Hannibal last fall.  But it being so late in the fall when I got my money that I was afraid to set out. I do think if I live I shall next year.  We want to see you very much.  Give my love to all my children in Hannibal and brother Curtis and his family.  So I remain.


Your affectionate father


Beriah Wheeler




Lyman Wheeler




State of New York


[Hannibal is struck out and instead Buffalo is written on the cover]


18 3/4

18 3/4


37 1/2