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Impact of Hurricane Sandy in Eastern Monmouth Couty

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The eye of the storm made landfall in southern New Jersey during the evening on Monday, October 29 with peak wind speed reaching 90 mph.
We lost commercial power at 5:40 PM on Oct 29. Power was restored 8 days later at 9:54 PM on Nov 6, the election day.
These pictures are from our yard and neighborhood.

A few facts and figures:

Landfall: Brigantine, near Atlantic City, early evening on Monday, October 29.
Rainfall (Wilwood, NJ): 11.76"
Wind gust: 90 mph
Storm Surge at NYC Battery: 12 feet above normal tide level
Low pressure: Atlantic City, N.J.: 948.3 mb (28.00" Hg)

Sandy's track:

Storm Surge Map: