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Moses Wheeler
  • Born: 3 Apr 1722, Chatham, CT
  • Married 23 May 1754, Chatham, CT, to Rebecca Brainerd
  • Occupation: Farming
  • Reference: Barbour Records for Haddam, CT

    Our initial source of information about Moses Wheeler was from Haddam Barbour Records and from HADDAM NECK - History of Middlesex County, Henry M. SELDEN, J. B. Beers, publisher, New York 1884.

    We had great difficulty in obtainong information about Moses's father. Barbour Record lists Moses's father's name as James. We were unable to make any progress in locating information about James. Solving this mystery was a "eureka" moment for us. At the Hartford, CT library we saw the microfilm record of Moses's birth. Upon careful examination, we discovered that Moses's father's name was Samuel. It was incorrectly transcribed by someone as James and the error got propagated into Barbour Records.

    Moses married twice. Moses married Susannah Arnold on 2 Feb 1744 (source: Barbour Records).

    After Susanna's death, Moses married Rebecca Brainerd who was born on 15 August 1722 at Haddam, CT. She was the daughter of James Brainerd and Anna Risley. Rebecca's first marriage was to Samuel Young, son of James Young and Mary Higgins, circa 1742. Samuel died in October 1752, and Rebecca married Moses Wheeler on 23 May 1754.Rebecca died on 6 Feb 1765. (source: Nancy Grubb Frederick and Tracy A. Crocker, compilation of genealogy of Thomas Rogers, Mayflower Pilgrim).

    We do not have the record of Moses's death. We don't know if Moses moved with Beriah to Winhall, VT or whether he continued to live in Haddam, CT after Beriah moved to VT.

    Additional source on Moses Wheeler: (Originally compiled by Alice W. A. Westgate) Revised by Ann T. Reeves, Mayflower Families Through Five Generations: Descendants of the Pilgrims who landed at Plymouth, Mass. December 1620: Family of Thomas Rogers (Plymouth, MA: General Society of Mayflower Descendants, 2000).
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